Science Management & Engineering, Inc. has been providing laboratory temporary staffing and scientific equipment maintenance support to our clients for 19 years.  Now SME is venturing into the biomedical equipment markets overseas!  We welcome interested parties to pool resources for our venture in used equipment trading in Southeast Asia and beyond.

SME provides excellent laboratory management, temporary staffing, and equipment procurement and maintenance services for our private and government customers.  SME holds GSA schedule contract #GS-07F-0483W.  We help our clients set up databases to closely monitor the performance of mission critical equipment and the usage of expensive and rare reagents and chemicals.  We negotiate equipment services contracts on behalf of the labs and manage the equipment installation, operation and repairs.  We are familiar with government regulations on laboratory safety, equipment and supply procurement, research collaboration, and property impairment.  SME has established itself as a reliable consultant who can help the clients save money by improving operating efficiency, cut waste from development projects, and ensure proper compliance with government regulations on safety and ethics.

As a temporary staffing agency, SME offers its employees opportunities to develop new skills and better prospects at later employment.  SME has a wide network of talented researchers; we have the expertise to best match prospective employees' strength to the demands of our clients.  As a result, our employees have solid track records of performing high quality research work as well as contributing to scientific publications.  Below is a list of tasks and attributes our empoyees are known to perform and possess.  

SME provides consulting services to local and international small businesses in the field of life science and biotechnology.  We have broad knowledge of small business startup and specific expertise in business development for biotechnology related ventures.  We help our clients evaluate specific technology or patent, identify niche markets and write marketing plans, and explore alliance opportunities and exit strategies.

SME has the following equipment available for trade for lease:

We possess diverse sets of skills and expertise that cover research, instrumentation, logistics support, operation analysis (consulting), and human resources. We made a difference for our customers, we can make a difference for you.

Provide 24 hour a day, 7 days a week protection for freezers and cold rooms

Negotiate best service contracts for mission critical equipment and facility

Verify purchasing/billing charges, weed out vendors'false claims

Chemical/biological reagent inventory control

Custom software design

New Equipment pre-procurement evaluation

Manage Laboratory property inventory, surplus, transfer, property pass, etc.

Develop standard operating procedures (SOP)


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Freezer and cold room service

We arrange around-the-clock coverage for your most important freezers, refrigerators, and cold rooms, so no valuable sample is left to chance.

Contract negotiation

We will get the best deal for you!

Call us today to find out more about this exciting, flexible program. 

Fast and cost-effective purchasing

Throw your needs here and expect things coming in no time!

We can prepare orders for your purchasing staff, track the progress of the orders through the system, and help out with the receiving after the products arrive. Some orders are problematic - let us help you find alternatives, stay on top of the issues and get what you want without spending your own time.

Chemical/Biological Reagent Inventory Control

We compile chemical and/or biological reagents in easy-to-update spreadsheets so that you have full grasp of current inventory - no waste of money and time on duplicating purchases.

Custom Software Design

We have experience in automating data collection and analysis, using our proprietary in-house software. With our programming and expert systems knowledge, we can work on your special data analysis needs. Special interest areas are in electrochemical data analysis, with a focus in Visual Basic,C++ and Fortran.

Freezer content management system, $299/copy.

New Equipment pre-procurement evaluation

We help evaluate similar products from competitors and identify the most suitable one for your needs

Manage Laboratory property inventory, surplus, transfer, property pass, etc.

We help you meet government regulatory guidelines by cleaning up your inventory and sorting out records.

Develop Standard Operating Procedure for your lab/team

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